Palitzsch Museum

The permanent exhibition tells the 7,000-year-old history of Prohlis, the life and work of the peasant astronomer Johann George Palitzsch, and the fundamentals of astronomy. In 1758, the Prohlis farmer became the world’s first astronomer to rediscover Halley’s Comet, causing a sensation in European academies. A digital planetarium, for which registration is necessary, forms the centerpiece of the exhibition, allowing visitors to trace celestial observations and travel through the star constellations of different epochs. Models of the Voyager and Rosetta spacecraft illustrate the exploration of our solar system and a comet. This is complemented by display panels depicting the development of our worldview, thus connecting the history of astronomy with current space research.


Gamigstrasse 24
01239 Dresden

Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays 12 noo to 5 pm

24.12.2024 / 25.12.2024 / 31.12.2024 / 1.1.2025 closed


  • disabled access in all areas of the museum
  • accessible restroom

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